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What to do if you buy inferior capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-06-23
Whether it is a staff who has many years of experience in purchasing capacitors or a staff who has just stepped into the procurement industry, they will encounter one thing in common when purchasing capacitors. The inevitable thing is inferior capacitors. If you don’t believe it, you can look around. The staff who have been engaged in the procurement industry for a long time have basically encountered it, so what should we do when we encounter inferior capacitors? Find out the reason for yourself, yes you read it right. When buying inferior capacitors, we should find our own reasons first, and this reason does not refer to reflecting on our wrong decision, but to test our own products. Which link of the circuit board and the capacitor provided by the supplier will have problems, and if there is a problem with the capacitor after the test, you can directly go to the capacitor manufacturer with the test report for the theory. It is well known that the purchase of capacitors At that time, we will go through the test of capacitor samples (what is the capacitor sample), but why does the capacitor fail after installation and use? In fact, no matter how sophisticated the test instrument is, it can’t compare to human wisdom. Testing capacitor samples is basically not It may be all used for testing, only random sampling, then if it is random sampling, naturally there is a certain risk of exhibiting inferior capacitors in it. After finding the cause of the capacitor manufacturer, you can directly ask the capacitor manufacturer to claim the claim with the quality inspection report. If there is no quality inspection report, the capacitor manufacturer will definitely refute it. If there is a quality inspection report, the capacitor manufacturer will be softer, and then The capacitor is recycled and tested again. Once the content of the quality inspection report is met, the capacitor manufacturer will bear the risk responsibility. Therefore, the purchase of capacitors has always emphasized that you must find a regular capacitor manufacturer, not all for the quality of the capacitor, it is more important It is for after-sales protection! If it is to the counter or online mall platform of the Electronic City, the after-sales investigation is particularly complicated. The reason is that there is no concept of signing a contract at all. If the number of orders is small, you may be compensated. If the amount involved is large, basically, this The first-class capacitor merchants will not take responsibility, and all of them will run away. So in the future to avoid buying inferior capacitors, we should consider looking for capacitor manufacturers previously supplied, or old-brand capacitor manufacturers, or capacitor manufacturers with good reputation in the industry. Another trick is to analyze each other on the electronic products produced by the peers. Which brand of capacitor manufacturer to use, the above is the whole content of how to buy inferior capacitors
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