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What type of capacitor is needed for the mask machine! |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-15
People in the contact mask machine industry know more or less that mask machines require a large number of electronic components and materials, which contain capacitors, and the types of capacitors purchased are also different.Basically, they have purchased capacitors of various specifications and models. Among the most common capacitor models CBB81/CBB80/CBB65, these three types of capacitors, what is the reason? The circuit board design of general electronic equipment is not too complicated and uses too many capacitors. In fact, the main reason for this is the complexity of the mask machine! The mask machine itself consists of multiple components, a cup-shaped mask turntable machine, a mask thermoforming machine, a mask machine, a spot welding machine, a breathing valve punching machine, a nose bridge welding machine, a monochrome pad printing machine, and a breathing valve welding machine. This machine is completed. Like the assembly line, the production of masks is completed in the mask machine, and these components require capacitors. Therefore, the sales of these three types of capacitors CBB81/CBB80/CBB65 during the pneumonia epidemic are very large, and Shenmao capacitors are One of the suppliers. Detailed specifications of capacitor models required for mask machines ①CBB81: 104J1600VP30MM, 224J1600VP30MM, 334J1600VP30MM, 474J1600VP30MM/ ②CBB80:685J400V 124J2000V / ③CBB65:20UFJ450V, which are used in large quantities every day, leading to rising raw materials and gradually increasing prices, but recently It has stabilized, because the status quo of overcapacity of domestic masks has been achieved. Now the production of masks is basically exported to other countries!
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