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Why capacitor manufacturers don’t mark the ESR directly | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-27
Basically, when many hardware engineers talk about how to choose electrolytic capacitors, they always want to have a low ESR parameter. Then when the company purchases capacitors according to the engineer's requirements, it always doesn't know how low the ESR is. Because this parameter will not be marked on the electrolytic capacitor. There is no choice but to choose a good brand. Because he believes that only the ESR parameters of a good brand will be low. Then many people asked me, why don’t electrolytic capacitor manufacturers mark the ESR parameter value? Different models of ESR are different, and even different sizes of the same model are different. It is also unrealistic if all the parameters of each type of capacitor are expressed on the electrolytic capacitor. Generally, companies are marked on the electrolytic capacitor in the form of a serial number. Different serial numbers represent the parameters of different electrolytic capacitors. And many electrolytic capacitor manufacturers are currently using this method. As the output rectifier filter capacitor of the switching power supply, the capacity is generally the first choice. The capacity of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor can fully meet the requirements with the current technology, and the ESR is relatively high. In this case, it can be reduced by multiple parallel connections. You can also choose a larger capacity to reduce. On the other hand, the ESR of electrolytic capacitors is too large compared to capacitors of other media (such as solid capacitors). So in a certain aspect, the application of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is a helpless choice. Will affect the application of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It would be better if you can choose solid capacitors. However, the capacity of solid capacitors cannot be as much as electrolytic capacitors. To this end, major electrolytic capacitor manufacturers are also actively improving.
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