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Why do capacitors need to be taped? Is it expensive after tapering? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-15
Capacitor taping refers to the newly produced capacitors using kraft hard paper according to the customer's needs, and the capacitors are ordered and glued on it. Generally, these are capacitors with pins, and there are also chip capacitors without pins, which are used directly. Winding machine braiding, the main purpose of braiding between the two is to facilitate installation, of course, there are different reasons. The main reason for the taping of SMD capacitors is that the size of SMD capacitors is too small, and manual installation is very endurance. It does not matter at the development stage of individual circuit boards. Once mass production, manual installation of SMD capacitors is basically undesirable. , Waste of time also slows down the production process, and the manual installation of conventional capacitor taping is as complicated as patch capacitors, but because of the upgrading of production equipment, conventional capacitors also need to be directly installed in the assembly line after taping, instead of manual one. It’s not complicated to make capacitors by wave soldering or reflow soldering. Capacitor factories usually have their own taping machines, which can be used in accordance with the quantity and specifications required by the customer. Taping is enough. The general price is just a little bit on the capacitor. If the capacitor does not have a taping machine, the capacitor will usually be processed in a special taping factory outside. This kind of price will generally be more expensive. If you choose Cooperating with capacitor manufacturers, you can also ask the other party if they have a taping machine in the factory, and you can also see the capacity of the capacitor production company
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