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Why does the starting capacitor always burn out? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-28
Starting capacitors are AC electrolytic capacitors or polypropylene and polyester capacitors used to start single-phase asynchronous motors. Why does the starting capacitor always burn out? What are the reasons? How to replace and repair the starting capacitor correctly, let us take a look at it together? The common reasons for the damage of the starting capacitor are: 1. The voltage is too low; 2. The load is too heavy; the rotation speed is low and the starting time is long or the starting time is long. 3. The influence of the external environment; such as installing in a place close to the heat source with poor heat dissipation or in a humid working environment. 4. Poor contact and poor wiring can also cause the starting capacitor to burn out; 5. Centrifugal switch adhesion (single-phase motor with centrifugal switch)    starting capacitor maintenance precautions: 1. Find out the cause of the failure; 2. You can buy the same capacity, Replace the starting capacitor of the same model; 3. When you cannot find the starting capacitor of the same model, look up the parameters of the starting capacitor and replace it with the same parameter capacitor that can be found.
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