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Why polyester film capacitors have self-healing properties | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-22
Polyester film capacitors are called CL capacitors in China, and they are one of the common film capacitors. Polyester film capacitors have very good physical properties, and their performance in both conductivity and pull-up is very outstanding. The outstanding advantage of polyester film capacitors is that they have good self-healing properties. Many people have not figured out why film capacitors have good self-healing properties. Now let me explain to everyone. The reason for the self-healing of polyester film capacitors is very simple. When a high voltage is applied to the polyester film capacitor, the high temperature generated by the high voltage arc will evaporate the metallized coating that has been broken down or has defects, and the result will be This causes the two electrodes of the polyester film capacitor to form a short circuit again, thereby resuming normal operation, which is why the polyester film capacitor has self-healing properties.
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