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Will the capacitor be eliminated? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-14
When writing this article, I have checked a lot of information. The answer is uncertain whether capacitors will be eliminated, but it is definitely not now. It should be a long time later. Why do you say that? Here is a review of the development history of capacitors. The volume of capacitors has evolved from the previous Leyden bottle to the current chip capacitors. From a large water bottle to a small chip capacitor of a few millimeters, it has experienced about 300 years of history during this period. From the beginning of the function of storing and discharging capacitors, to the new functions of frequency division, filtering, etc., there are a group of hard-working engineers who continue to innovate the functions and possibilities of capacitors, from the old home appliances to the new functions. Up to now, in mobile phones, capacitors must be used as long as they are powered devices. Capacitor engineers have also reduced the volume of capacitors and can maintain the original performance, allowing consumers to use lighter electronic devices. Will the future capacitors also develop into intelligence? The answer is yes. Now the first batch of intelligent capacitors have been born, just because they are expensive and too large, there is no way to sell them in large quantities on the market. The working principle is to adjust the capacity and withstand voltage required by the equipment. , No longer delaying Ru0026D and production because of circuit board selection, and now there are also capacitors’ raw materials implanted in the chip, allowing the chip to inherit the basic performance of the capacitor, and there is no need to install a capacitor separately on the device, so Someday in the future, capacitors will really withdraw from the stage of history.
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