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Can capacitors replace low voltages with high voltages | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-15
In general, capacitors can be replaced as long as they have the same specifications and models with capacity and withstand voltage. If the withstand voltage is larger than the replacement capacitor, it can also be replaced. If the withstand voltage is smaller than the replacement capacitor, you need to be cautious, and there is a point to note It is also necessary to pay special attention to the capacity instead of the difference, as well as the size and accuracy. 1. Can low withstand voltage replace high withstand voltage capacitors? The answer is no, but this is not possible and it is not absolute. Assuming that the cbb capacitor in an electronic device is damaged, and the capacity is 1uf withstand voltage is 400v, it is possible to replace it with 1uf capacity and 630 withstand voltage. If It is theoretically valid to use two 1uf capacity 250v withstand voltage in parallel to replace it, but it will have certain requirements on the space of the circuit board, and in the case of mass production, there will be an additional process for the installation. If only a low-voltage capacitor is used to replace a capacitor with a higher withstand voltage than it, there are only two situations. The first one is that the design of the circuit board at the time did not use such a large withstand voltage only for the high peak value. The safety margin left by the device is just fine even if it is replaced with a low withstand voltage capacitor, but it will be broken directly under high-peak operation conditions. The second situation is the most direct power-on and instantaneous explosion. Up. 2. Can low-capacity replace high-capacity capacitors? This is obviously not feasible. Even parallel connection is very troublesome. It is easy that the other one will not work. If a low-capacity capacitor directly replaces a high-capacity capacitor, there may be no explosive breakdown or the like, but the capacitor will not work directly. Effect, even if it is running, the electronic equipment may be disturbed by leakage or incorrect signal transmission or chaos. If high-capacity capacitors are used to replace low-capacity capacitors, it is theoretically feasible, but some capacitors are not. It can be replaced, because the direct replacement of a higher capacity capacitor will affect the original design function of a certain fast. The high capacity capacitor will not play the replaced capacitor incidentally, unless the replaced capacitor itself It doesn't play any important role, it's just pure storage. Then this kind of capacitor with large capacity and the same withstand voltage can be directly replaced. 3. Can capacitors with different accuracy and size be replaced? Yes, but you need to see if it can be matched. For example, if the capacitance accuracy of the replaced capacitor is originally K file, that is, the error accuracy is ±10%. If you replace it with J file (±5%), there is no problem at all, and The performance of capacitors will be better and more accurate than the previous ones. On the contrary, if the capacitors with high error are replaced with low error capacitors, the accuracy may be obviously affected. Some effects are not very good, such as some precision instruments. , The deviation of the effect obtained will be very large, and the replacement of different size capacitors has no effect on this aspect. It mainly depends on whether the capacitor is soldered or plug-in. If the circuit board is designed in a good position, it is larger than the current capacitor size to be replaced. If it’s smaller, it’s more troublesome. This will affect the overall machine installation, so it’s best to find a smaller size or a small size to replace too many capacitors.
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