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Electrolytic capacitor four points for attention in actual installation

by:Shenmao     2020-12-11

aluminum electrolytic capacitor in actual combat when installation, power supply designers should fully consider the following four aspects of the installation of common sense, to avoid problems due to improper installation. 1, to avoid the capacitor sealing parts ( The aluminum shell and cover seal) Mounting bracket or impose external force, otherwise easy to deform the sealing parts, cause poor air tightness, resulting in leakage, even in the early corrosion. 2, condenser pressure valve near the wiring circuit, is not recommended to prevent a stress cases, electrolyte cause circuit board failure and even cause fire accident. Around 3, set the capacitor installation position, should try to avoid install cooling parts, prevent heat capacitor outer casing deformation, damage the insulation and the capacitance caused by fever. 4, when the capacitor is placed upright, pressure valve banned downward installation; When the capacitor is placed flat, pressure valve to put in the lower part of the positive sign; According to this way to decorate, can avoid a lot of early failure is even more serious problem.
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