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Electrolytic capacitor of non-normal failure factors

by:Shenmao     2020-12-19
Some factors can cause electrolytic capacitor failure, such as low temperature, condenser temperature ( Welding temperature, environment temperature, ac ripple) , high voltage, instantaneous voltage, VHF or reverse bias; The temperature rise is the working life of the electrolytic capacitor ( Lop) The biggest impact of the factors. Capacitance of the conductive ability is decided by ionization capacity and viscosity of the electrolyte. When the temperature falls, the electrolyte viscosity increases, and ion mobility and conductive ability to reduce. When the electrolytic cools frozen, ion mobility is very low so that a very high resistance. On the contrary, excessive heat will speed up the electrolyte evaporation, when the amount of electrolyte is reduced to a certain limit, the capacitor life has ended. In cold area ( General - below 25 ℃) Work, it needs to be heated, the normal operating temperature of the electrolytic capacitor. Such as outdoor type UPS, in our country northeast area is equipped with heating plate. Capacitor in overpressure condition easy to breakdown, and the practical application of surge voltage and instantaneous high voltage often occurs. Around complex power grid, especially in our country is a large country, and therefore, ac power grid is complex, often there will be more than 30% of the normal voltage, especially the single phase input, partial can aggravate the ac input of the normal range. The tests show that the commonly used 450 v / 470 uf 105 ℃ import average 2000 hours of electrolytic capacitor, the rated voltage of 1. 34 times under voltage, capacitance will appear leakage steaming after 2 hours, the top half way down. According to the statistics and analysis, and close to the power grid of the failure of communication switching power supply output electrolytic capacitor PFC, the damage is mainly due to the power grid surge and high pressure. Electrolytic capacitor voltage selection of general secondary derating, to a reasonable use of the rating of 80%.
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