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Industrial power supply large aluminum electrolytic capacitor selection and recognition

by:Shenmao     2020-11-20
The introduction with the development of science and technology, the improvement of social demand, the improvement of the environment, China's industrial power, in the period of rapid growth of large aluminum electrolytic capacitor broader application field and demand is growing. Whether it is used in industrial power supply for the input or output circuit, main is to provide a high energy storage and low resistance design, but how to properly choose capacitor is not a trivial matter, choose a capacitor need all aspects such as: machinery, heat transfer and electrical. The structure characteristics of large aluminum electrolytic capacitor core package of large aluminum electrolytic capacitor is after corrosion and become the anode foil of the oxide film, after the corrosion of cathode aluminium foil, separated by electrolytic paper, according to certain technology, through large winding equipment winding. The core pressure container bag, and then dipping working electrolyte, and then sealed and made in aluminum. Below is a typical capacitor structure between east and west. Can be seen from the diagram, the difference between the two Asian manufacturers use fixative fixed core package, while Europe and the United States through the encapsulation material with a fixed column, use the cathode foil extending the core package, direct contact with the aluminum shell structure, from the perspective of thermodynamics, heat transfer, the structure of the cooling performance is good. According to the customer's requirements, the two supporting structure, our company has a mature experience. Large selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry power supply manufacturers in selecting electrolytic capacitor, first of all, can according to the needs of their own design, find they need from the samples of capacitor manufacturers specifications, which we should pay attention to not work at full capacity, the capacitor is abnormal, the circuit to avoid premature failure of the cause of capacitor, we suggest that the working voltage of capacitor for 60% to 80% of the rated voltage is relatively appropriate; Second can also be their design requirements ( Including electrical requirements, structure size, installation and use of the environment) Provide capacitor manufacturer, let them help selection, so better able to choose to suit oneself and good cost performance products. The following table lists the ShenMao CD138 series and a European manufacturer of main technical parameters: the tanδ =RESR/( 1 / wC) =wCRESR( W means 2 & PI; F, c refers to the capacity, R refers to the equivalent series resistance) RESR=ESR( 120Hz) Although the raw material of aluminum electrolytic capacitor anodic foil has certain discrete range, performance also has certain discreteness, however, capacitor manufacturer in Asia through anode aluminum foil logo on management, each roll of aluminum foil, respectively, after cutting into core package, so the consistency of performance, do a good job such as electrostatic capacity and loss tangent and leakage current, etc. Especially after using for a long time, used as capacitor Banks have more advantages. Below is ShenMao CD138 series with a European manufacturer v6800 & 400 mu; F product life test of electric properties change curve. The cognizance of large aluminum electrolytic capacitor in according to the requirement of the above technology after the capacitor type and specification, how to evaluate? The service life of the formula, according to the provisions of the capacitor voltage and temperature to determine the expected service life. The provisions of working temperature is the average temperature and the ripple current and temperature rise caused by leakage current. Compared with the power ripple current, leakage current of power is very small, can be neglected. Example 1 in the central hot spot with the sample of the thermocouple capacitor is used to measure the ripple current caused by temperature rise, Oriental common method) Case 2 power loss can be used to calculate temperature rise ( In Europe and the calculation method) 。 If is computing power, is to compute the each key on the frequency of power, and will add up these power into the total power. Case 1: the actual testing or simulation test, core temperature is measured, calculated life. Known: ShenMaoPin CD138450V3300 & mu; F( 85 ℃) Ripple current IR ( 120赫兹,65℃) V&rsquo = 19 a maximum working voltage; = 400 v capacitor center allows the highest temperature T0 = 93. 5 ℃ strength life L0 = 8000 hours test method: thermocouples embedded in the center of the capacitor, and the capacitor cover plate seal, indicated as follows: set high temperature box temperature to 85 ℃, the anode lead in ripple the power of the anode, cathode in the power of the cathode lead wire, thermocouple connected to the temperature recorder, in the high temperature box. Applying the rated voltage 450 v ( Superposition of ripple current 19 or 120 hz sinusoidal alternating current a/only) After, until the temperature balance, record the measured value of T = 75 ℃.
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