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It is well known of the electrolytic capacitor summary (at eight o 'clock Classic)

by:Shenmao     2020-10-06
The role of the electrolytic capacitor is very much, as the electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, we summarized the main, is a classic eight function, as follows: 1 dc insulation: role is to prevent dc through and through communication; 2 decoupling: for ac circuit of some components in parallel to provide low impedance path, will not need ac signal to remove; 3 coupling: for the connection between the two circuits, allows the ac signal through and transmitted to the next level circuit; 4 temperature compensation: in view of the other components of the effects of temperature adaptability is not enough to compensate, improve the stability of the circuit; Timing: capacitor and resistor, determine the time constant of the circuit; 6 tuning: tuning circuit of frequency related systems, such as mobile phones, radios, televisions, 7 filtering: power supply circuit, ac voltage filter into a smooth dc reduce small ripple disturbance of load circuit; Storage: store electricity for must be released. Such as camera flashes. Have the effect of the polarity electrolytic capacitor is usually in the power supply circuit or intermediate frequency, low frequency circuit of power supply filter, decoupling, signal coupling and time constant is set, the dc insulation, etc. Generally cannot be used for the ac power circuit, the dc power supply circuit for the use of filter capacitance, the anode ( The anode) With the positive at the connection of the power supply voltage, cathode ( Cathode) Connected to the power supply voltage of the cathode at, not against, otherwise it will damage capacitors.
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