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urgent! CCTV exposes the crisis of small and medium-sized electronics companies' suspension of production! Resistance and capacitance are out of stock, roasted seeds and nuts, Japanese monopoly! |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-04-22
Passive components such as capacitors and resistors are the golden supporting roles of the electronics industry. All the electronic products we touch in our daily life, such as mobile phones, computers, household appliances, etc., are inseparable from these two most basic components, and they are used in large quantities. But since the second half of last year, the prices of resistors and capacitors have risen sharply. In the face of price increases, small manufacturers have almost no right to speak. Compared with price increases, companies are more worried that there is a serious shortage of goods in the market today, and some small and medium-sized electronic companies have been forced to suspend operations due to lack of materials. Resistor capacitors: a vicious circle of shortages and price increases. Some small electronic companies have been forced to shut down for many years. The prices of these two components have been relatively stable. However, since the second half of last year, the prices of resistors and capacitors have risen sharply. The price of the product even doubled dozens of times. A factory located in Guangming New District, Shenzhen, mainly produces batteries, mobile power supplies and other products. In a small battery module, five or six resistors and capacitors are needed, and for a large battery module, dozens of them are needed. Since last year, the prices of these basic components have continued to increase, which has put a lot of pressure on battery factories whose gross profit margins were not high. Compared with price increases, what worries companies more is that there is a serious shortage of goods in the market today. The cost of passive components such as resistors and capacitors is not too high, but the amount is huge and indispensable. Mr. Chen, the business director of a technology company in Shenzhen: As long as it is an electronic product, these electronic components will be used. These are like building bricks and tiles in a house. Mr. Cai, general manager of a technology company in Shenzhen: I used to place orders at any time, but now I have to place orders a month or half a month in advance. I can't get the goods now, so it is very troublesome to face the later market purchases. Because you can't get the goods even after you pay the money. In the general environment of shortage of goods, the operating order of the electronics industry has also been affected, and the orders signed by enterprises have hardly been effective. Even if the contract limits the delivery period, the intermediary may not be able to ship the goods. Even if you can get the goods, the transaction price should be based on the market when the goods are received, not the contract price on the order. In the face of price increases, small manufacturers have almost no right to speak. The lack of stock has further exacerbated the price increase, and the two are in a vicious circle. In order to retain large customers, some resistor and capacitor manufacturers and middlemen will give priority to large downstream companies, and medium and small-scale factories rack their brains to order. In Guangdong, a large electronics manufacturing province, many electrical and electronic product processing plants below the scale are forced to suspend operations due to lack of materials. Gu Qun, Secretary-General of China Electronic Components Industry Association: The continued shortage of goods and the substantial extension of the delivery period will inevitably affect the production of electronic products. The currently affected industries include integrated circuits, built-in chips, 5G base stations, liquid crystal displays, and smart devices. Mobile phones, security, automobiles, home appliances, drones, etc. Especially for some labor-intensive lower-end products, such as small companies that produce LED light strips, low-end chargers, power supplies and other products, many of them have stopped production because they cannot purchase chip resistance-capacitance components. Japanese manufacturers’ products have turned into out-of-stock fuse. The imbalance between supply and demand promotes price increases. The out-of-stock of small resistors and capacitors has had such a big impact. So what is the reason for this shortage? Why is the shortage of goods so difficult to alleviate? CCTV reporters visited the large domestic electronic component distributors and MLCC manufacturers to conduct on-site investigations. MLCC, multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, is the most common capacitor component in electronic products, and it is also one of the most severely out-of-stock products this time. At present, the world's largest MLCC manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The industry believes that the fuse of this shortage is that several Japanese giants have reduced the production of some large-size products with thin profit margins and concentrated on high-end markets such as automobiles. Mr. Yang, the chairman of an electronics company in Shenzhen: We have been acting for Murata's products in Japan for more than 20 years. The shortage of capacitors this time is a serious situation that has never been seen in 20 years. In 2017, Murata made a decision to reduce or limit production for certain large-size models, so the tension of the entire shortage of goods was kicked off. In recent years, driven by the development of electric vehicles, industrial control and other industries, the demand for MLCC products has increased rapidly. Some Japanese manufacturers temporarily gave up some markets in the consumer electronics field, while several companies in Taiwan and mainland China have limited supply capacity, and the imbalance between supply and demand has become the core driving force for price increases.
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