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What parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing audio capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-10
What parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing audio capacitors? When music enthusiasts assemble their own speakers, what should they choose when faced with a large number of audio capacitors? Which parameters should be paid attention to, let me introduce the parameters on the capacitor for everyone. Capacitor capacity error table symbol FGJKLM   Allowable error ±1% ±2% ±5% ±10% ±15% ±20%   Such as: a ceramic capacitor of 104J means that the capacity is 0.1 uF, the error is ±5%   1. Capacitor In the circuit, it is generally represented by 'C' plus a number (for example, C13 represents the capacitor numbered 13). A capacitor is a component composed of two metal films close together and separated by an insulating material. The characteristic of the capacitor is mainly to block the direct current and pass the alternating current.   The size of the capacitance means the amount of energy that can be stored. The obstructive effect of the capacitance on the AC signal is called capacitive reactance, which is related to the frequency and capacitance of the AC signal. Capacitive reactance XCu003d1/2πf c (f represents the frequency of the AC signal, C represents the capacitance of the capacitor) The types of capacitors commonly used in telephones include electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, monolithic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and polyester capacitors, etc. .   2. Identification method: The identification method of capacitance is basically the same as that of resistance, which can be divided into three types: direct labeling method, color labeling method and numerical labeling method. The basic unit of capacitance is expressed in Faraday (F), and other units are: millifarad (mF), microfarad (uF), nanofarad (nF), picofarad (pF). Among them: 1 faradu003d103 millifaradu003d106 microfaradu003d109 nanofaradu003d1012 picofarad, the capacitance value of a large capacity capacitor is directly marked on the capacitor, such as 10 uF/16V  , the capacitance value of a small capacity capacitor is written in letters on the capacitor Representation or number representation Letter representation: 1mu003d1000 uF 1P2u003d1.2PF 1nu003d1000PF   Number representation: Generally three digits are used to indicate the capacity, the first two digits are effective digits, and the third digit is the magnification.   Such as: 102 means 10×102PFu003d1000PF 224 means 22×104PFu003d0.22 uF
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