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What problems must be paid attention to when using metal film capacitors|Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-19
Nowadays, metal film capacitors have been widely used in various fields and are particularly important as an electronic accessory, so the details of their use are very worthy of our attention. First of all, when installing metal film capacitors, each metal film capacitor should be connected to the bus with a separate flexible wire instead of a hard bus to prevent assembly stress from damaging the capacitor bushing and damaging the seal and causing oil leakage. Any poor contact in the capacitor circuit may cause high-frequency oscillating arcs, which will increase the working electric field strength of the capacitor and generate heat and cause early damage. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good contact between the electrical circuit and the grounding part during installation. Secondly, when capacitors of lower voltage level are connected in series and run in higher voltage level networks, measures such as installation of insulators equivalent to the operating voltage level should be used to ensure reliable insulation between the housing of each unit and the ground. After the metal film capacitor is connected in a star, it is used for a higher rated voltage and the neutral point is not grounded. The shell of the capacitor should be insulated from the ground. Finally, before the installation of the metal film capacitor, the capacitance should be allocated once to balance the phases, and the deviation should not exceed 5% of the total capacity. When a relay protection device is installed, it should also meet the requirement that the balance current error does not exceed the relay protection operating current during operation. The wiring of individual compensation capacitors should be done: for induction motors that are started directly or via a rheostat, the power factor-increasing capacitors can be directly connected to the outlet terminals of the motor, and no switchgear or fuse should be installed between the two.
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