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Why can a capacitor block DC and communicate with AC? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-26
Capacitors are one of our widely used electronic equipment. In electronic circuits, they can block DC and communicate with AC. This is because after the parallel plate capacitor is powered on, one board is positively charged, and the other board is negatively charged ( The charge is carried on the inner surface of the board. According to the surface effect of the charge), the medium between the two allegro plates cannot make the two kinds of charges transfer and contact each other to complete the charge flow, otherwise it will not play the role of holding the charge, and once a capacitor is created Capacitors that are broken down will lose their effectiveness. It is precisely because there is no conductive material between the boards that direct current cannot flow. As for the capacitor's ability to communicate with AC, this is because the current changes, regardless of the direction or size, will produce corresponding induced charges, whether it is more or less, and because the power supply continuously provides charge, so there will be some The charge flows out or enters the plate of the capacitor, thus playing the role of holding the charge. Constantly charging and discharging, there is current in the external circuit, which is also the reason why the capacitor is connected to AC. In fact, it is not that the electric charge actually passes through the plate, but the constant charging and discharging of the plate, there is a current for the external circuit.
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