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Why must need LED drive power supply aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-29
The first thing to be clear, aluminum electrolytic capacitor will be bad, just a matter of time. There are many reasons affecting the service life of capacitance, overvoltage, reverse voltage, high temperature, rapid charge and discharge, etc. , under the condition of normal use, the greatest impact is the temperature, because the higher the temperature the faster the volatilization of the electrolyte loss. It is important to note here is not referring to the temperature of the environment or surface temperature, is refers to the operating temperature of the aluminum foil. LED drive power supply is an important reason of lower life driven power needed to the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the main reason is that working long hours when the LED lamps and lanterns of internal environment temperature is high, causes the aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrolyte was quickly dries, life shortens greatly, normally only work about 5000 hours. And the life of the LED light source is 50000 hours, so the working life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the life of the LED drive power supply short ribs. Now some suppliers in order to solve this problem, the invention has LED drive power supply scheme of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. But not all of the LED drive power suppliers are in favor of this practice. Said wine palm & other; In the production of led lighting driver power supply don't have a no electrolytic capacitor drive scheme is adopted, because without it, a lot of pass the test standards, such as the EMI test and flicker-free. And use the LED driver power supply scheme of aluminum electrolytic capacitor easily usually above tests, if with film capacitors and ceramic electric or tantalum capacitance,? Thin film capacitor to achieve the same capacitance ( General is 100 - 220uF) , volume is very big, and the cost is too high, ceramic capacitor average amount is too small, such as multiple ceramic capacitor is used to implement such a large capacity, the plate area and the cost is too big, tantalum capacitor to have such a large capacity, it is too expensive, but the pressure is too low, can not meet the requirements, so for any other type of capacitor, basically is not too big volume, is too expensive, such as to these weaknesses into smaller capacitance, remove the ripple effect wasn't so good, many export products strictly required for certification test indicators can't pass, so the high quality LED driver power is still widely used aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Many vendors claim no electrolytic capacitor LED drive power supply scheme, is likely to just remove the AC input side aluminum electrolytic capacitors, constant current output of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor should be difficult to remove or replace. NXP can pushed a TRIAC dimmer embedded the drive power of 13 wled bulbs, the drive power supply scheme based on SSL2102 adopted aluminum electrolytic capacitor. When I asked about the life of the light bulb, the working life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor problem will certainly affect the whole life of the LED bulbs, but some physical methods can be taken to alleviate this problem, such as the aluminum electrolytic capacitor on the PCB near the tail lamp, in general, the most close to the LED light source parts, the highest temperature can reach 100 - 200 ℃, the cooling metal shell part of the second, the average is about 100 ℃, the lowest lamp tail part, generally is about 70 ℃, so as long as pay attention to the position of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor near the tail lamp, the attenuation of life would not be too severe. Our experiments show that it can also be the life of a 10000 hour, equivalent to 10 years, use it for the average family users, ten years to change a LED bulbs are basically acceptable. From the architecture of the LED driver power supply, wine palm, said Japan and the United States will be in a isolation type scheme for the mainstream, because they only 110 v input voltage of power grid. China and Europe will be to isolate type scheme for the mainstream, because their power input voltage up to 220 v, the safety of isolation scheme guaranteed, although some costs may be on the high side, so in domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor will continue to dominate, LED driver power supply still can not come on the aluminum electrolytic capacitor life brought by the limitations.
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