Shenmao Capacitors specialized in aluminum electrolytic capacitors from 1970

How about Shen MaoXin service team?
We claim to give great customer support, and we mean it. Every customer will have fantastic expertise from our support staff. Our support staff (and also the Whole business ) is trained never to violate the value which "customer first". Our support staff always exceeds customer expectations With a fantastic passion. They like talking with customers and solving issues.

Shenzhen Shen MaoXin Electronics Co., Ltd. now is blooming at home and abroad. The electrolytic capacitor series is one of the main products of Shen MaoXin. Fabrics used in Shenmao aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be evaluated and tested against quality standards. They will go through fiber identification, performance testing, flammability testing, and ingredients testing. With a tough texture, it is not easy to seep. The product has the advantage of remarkable reliability. It is equipped with an intelligent circuit and circuit breaker to prevent any sudden failure. With an advanced aluminum E-cap, it has better electrical conductivity.

Through continuous innovation, Shen MaoXin aims to take the lead in the field of radial capacitor. Get an offer!
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