Shenmao Capacitors specialized in aluminum electrolytic capacitors from 1970

How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
You can ask our staff about the minimum order value of the ODM products. Generally, most of the manufacturers of nichicon aluminum electrolytic capacitors set the limits of the minimum order value for ODM products is to offset the cost of manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of the products. Especially for those manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Shen MaoXin Electronics Co., Ltd., engaged in business online, they need to set a minimum order amount to ensure that the cost mentioned above is worthwhile for the business. In essence, manufacturers can get a minimum profit amount per order.

Being excelled in producing radial capacitor with first-rate quality, Shenmao is famous for its considerate service. The snap-in capacitors series is one of the main products of Shen MaoXin. Shenmao screw terminal capacitor is carefully designed with many principles kept in mind. These principles are unity, balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm, and so forth. The product has passed the environmental-friendly test of CTI. The product does not have a circuit failure problem. All circuits are 100% electrically tested to make sure the components and parts operate stably. It is mainly used in the field of new energy resources such as wind power systems.

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